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Mule MQTT Connector v0.2 Final Released!

It’s with great pleasure that I introduce Mule MQTT Connector v0.2!!!  Not a lot of changes since v0.1, except for some nice-to-have features that I felt were necessary.  

In this release, there are two major changes that should make this connector a bit more usable by many in the community.  These two changes were:

  • <mqtt:subscribe> now contains a “filter” attribute.  Instead of setting “topicName”, one can simply set the topic filter they’d like to use.  When messages are received that match the filter, Mule simply sets all the appropriate OUTBOUND headers, one being the “”, so you can do routing in Mule based on where it was received.  An example of a topic filter is “sample/#”, which matches “sample/foo” or “sample/bar”, etc.  
  • <mqtt:publish> no longer only takes a java.lang.String payload-only.  You can now simply omit setting the “message” attribute of the publish call, and whatever the current MuleMessage payload is will be converted into a byte[].  Warning:  “message” takes precedence over the MuleMessage payload if set.

I also did some code cleanup, documentation cleanup, etc.  I anticipate new graphics in the near future (for Mule Studio) and submission to MuleForge very soon.  Follow my blog, as I’ll be posting a HOWTO for installation and use of the connector soon as well. 

Thanks for the outpouring of interest and support for this!! 

Code:  (tagged as “v0.2-final”)