Fixes Released, v0.1 FINAL is out!

Tonight I released the final version 0.1 build.  I added a couple nice-to-have’s to this build, including:

  • Full support for the LWT portion of MQTT protocol.  (this is all configurable on the <mqtt:config /> tag). 
  • Change to get rid of the MuleMqttMessage object, and instead return the byte[] payload of a message, with relative information stored in the INBOUND property scope.  I also modified the publish method to appropriately set the OUTBOUND scope accordingly.
  • Fixes to a couple bugs, mainly with Mule application reloading, so that clients appropriately disconnect/reconnect with the MQTT broker. 

You’ll notice I stripped out my functional test cases, and this was due to improper coding of them on my part.  I’m going to re-introduce proper test cases in my upcoming version, 0.2, hopefully.  



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